Apple Watch Will Have Dazzling Design, New Health Sensors, Report Says

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Apple Watch Series 6 in Graphite Stainless Steel compared to Apple Watch SE in Space Gray. What will … [+] this year bring? David Phelan The next Apple Watch is expected this Fall. Apple Watch Series 7, as we expect it to be called, may have a snazzy, all-new design, […]

The next Apple Watch is expected this Fall. Apple Watch Series 7, as we expect it to be called, may have a snazzy, all-new design, it was revealed last month.

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But a new report today from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, lists what to expect both this year and next.

First, Series 7. It’ll have a faster processor (well, I should hope so) to ensure it’s as nippy as responsive as it can be.

Dazzling display design

And a different design element is highlighted: the display. Gurman says, “Apple has tested thinner display borders and a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover.”

This may not sound like much, but it really will be. When Apple introduced the Retina Display in the iPhone 4, not only was the resolution higher, the fact that the display was closer to the user meant it felt like you were pressing on the pixels themselves. When the display is closer, it makes for a more intimate effect.

It’s predicted that there will be thinner bezels around the display, which will also contribute to a classy look and will mean the screen size can increase without the physical size of the Watch changing.

U1 chip

Thirdly, it will have improved wireless connectivity, including Ultra Wideband, as found in recent iPhones and new products like AirTag. This may contribute to optimum performance in features announced in watchOS 8 such as the capability to unlock hotel room doors. If it does make this even more effective, I’d still expect current Apple Watch models to be compatible with this, too.

All these things sound good, and there will doubtless be other surprises between now and release.

However, it’s when you look further ahead that things get even more interesting.

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Body temperature tracking

In 2022, that’s in Apple Watch Series 8, Gurman believes that a body temperature sensor could be included. This is something that some other trackers and smartwatches have, used to give extra information that’s useful for athletes but also for mental health issues. Our body temperature is often an indicator of stress levels, for instance.

Extreme Sports Edition

This fits with earlier rumors and suggests a rugged Apple Watch could be on the cards, the better to serve athletes and rough-and-ready outdoor types. Gurman claims this was hoped to be released this Fall, but next year now looks more likely.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

This is going to be a game-changer. It has been in the works for some years, Gurman says, but is still a year or two off. To track blood glucose without drawing blood is the aim and nobody’s been able to pull off that trick yet.

Apple Watch SE 2

Apple introduced a lower-price watch, called SE, last Fall. Hopes that there would be a successor this Fall seem unlikely to be fulfilled, if Gurman is right. He says that 2022 is when the updated Watch could arrive, alongside the sporty version.

Apple Watch is a remarkable gadget, quietly adding feature and capabilities every year and becoming increasingly essential. A new-design display would be enough to boost sales this year, and the growing focus on health matters could be very important in the years to come.

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