UN health body goes Greek to rename coronavirus variants | News | DW

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The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that it would start using Greek letters to name new variants of COVID-19.

It comes amid concerns raised by the Indian government that labeling variants according to where they were first detected leads to increased stigmatization.

Officials at the Geneva-based UN body said this move would help simplify public discussions about variants.

For example, the variant first discovered in the UK would be known as “Alpha,” whilst the variant first identified in India would be branded “Delta.”

“While they have their advantages, these scientific names can be difficult to say and recall,

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As infections dwindle, Spanish regions mull looser mask rules

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MADRID, May 31 (Reuters) – Madrid and the central Spanish region of Castilla la Mancha are considering easing rules on wearing face masks outdoors, officials said on Monday, as falling transmission and rising vaccination rates have lowered the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Masks have been mandatory indoors and out across most of Spain, regardless of social-distancing, since last summer.

But daily case numbers and the nationwide infection rate have been declining for months and nearly 40% of the population has received at least one vaccine shot, prompting some authorities to reconsider the rules.

“We are firmly determined to abolish the

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Kirkersville’s The Depot Thrift Shop offers shopping and therapy

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KIRKERSVILLE – Sometimes a business can be both successful and, well, therapeutic. So it is at The Depot Thrift Shop.

“In 2008 my husband had a massive heart attack and survived it,” explained owner Kathy Rogers. “Every day was a therapy day for him. We gathered, and did, small things during his recovery years, until a store front became available.”

“We started The Depot Thrift Shop in August 2016,” she added. “We started the shop to give my husband his little nook in the world – a therapy shop for his recovery.”

And not just his.

Rogers grew up in

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COVID-19 Immunity Could Last for Years, Studies Say

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May 28, 2021 — Immunity to the novel coronavirus could last for a year — and possibly longer — particularly after COVID-19 vaccination.

Two recent studies indicate that most people who contracted COVID-19, recovered and then got vaccinated later may not need a booster shot, according to The New York Times. Those who were never infected and then got vaccinated may need a booster shot later, the newspaper reported.

Both studies looked at people who were exposed to COVID-19 about a year ago. In a study published Monday in the journal Nature, scientists found that

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COVID-19 cases and deaths are down but rate of infection is the same as it was in December for unvaccinated

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covid 19 vaccine drive

Diana Carolina, a pharmacist at Memorial Healthcare System, receives a Pfizer-BioNtech Covid-19 vaccine at Memorial Healthcare System, on December 14, 2020 in Miramar, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Coronavirus cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have been on the decline as more and more Americans get vaccinated against the virus, but rates have not shifted significantly for those unvaccinated, The Washington Post reported.

More than 62% of US adults have had at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, with over 51% being completely vaccinated. Out of the entire US population, 40.5% of all people are fully vaccinated, according to data from the

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