Metabolic consequences of obstructive sleep apnea persist, despite treatment

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September 14, 2021

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Punjabi N. OSA, hyperglycemia and diabetes. Presented at: Heart in Diabetes Annual Meeting; Sept. 10-12, 2021 (hybrid meeting).

Punjabi reports no relevant financial disclosures.

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11 things not to do during chemotherapy: What to avoid

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Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer. It involves the use of drugs that target rapidly-growing cancer cells to stop or slow their growth.

Chemotherapy drugs can also target healthy rapidly-growing cells in the body. This may lead to side effects. A person undergoing chemotherapy can take precautions that may reduce these effects.

This article will explore things a person should avoid during chemotherapy. It will also explore recommendations regarding things to do and precautions to take while undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy not only targets the rapidly-growing cancer cells but also healthy, rapidly-growing cells in the body. These include the cells that

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Health Habits You Should Stop Doing Now, Say Experts

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After the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might feel overwhelmed by, and unsure about, health advice. The science around the coronavirus continues to emerge, but one of the important reminders it’s given us is that staying healthy is a holistic pursuit—the things we do every day affect our heart, weight, brain, and immune system, and it’s in our best interest to keep those vital systems in top shape, ready to face whatever life throws at us. These are five health habits you should stop doing now to lower your risk of chronic disease, according to experts. Read

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