Gene therapy to aid recovery after a heart attack passes a key test

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By delivering a viral payload of gene silencers directly to the heart, scientists have developed a new strategy for regenerating cardiac muscle after damage from a heart attack. Described in a paper published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, the approach led to new cell growth and improved heart function in pigs.

The findings, though preliminary, indicate it’s possible to prod cardiac muscle cells into regenerating, at least long enough to stave off some of the worst after-effects of a heart attack. If the gene therapy bears out as safe and effective in further testing, it might someday be used

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The Pandemic Has Caused Kids to Gain Weight Too: How Parents Can Help

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A lack of exercise and changes to mealtime structure has resulted in unwanted weight gain for many kids during the pandemic. Pin Stock / Getty Images
  • Adults and children alike have gained weight since the pandemic began.
  • A loss of routine has led to less structured eating, and physical distancing measures meant kids missed out on physical education, recess, and organized sports.
  • This increase in weight gain is concerning because childhood obesity is linked to a number of health issues.
  • Parents can help by adopting structured eating habits and considering how they talk about food and bodies
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